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GSM900/ 3G Dual Band Signal Boosters

Repeater Function The booster boosts both GSM phone and internet network in a remote environment where there is no network signal at all. Signal repeater is effective equipment which designed to pick up the network from a very far distance
Suit for:
Meeting rooms, supermarket, shopping malls, offices, public areas, bars, cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure and entertainment, elevators, home, office, luxury yachts, private car, public security system, large-scale plant.


Model Number Specification
Frequency range Up link GSM 890-915/3G 1920-1980(MHz)
Down Link GSM 925-960/3G 2110-2170(MHz)
Gain(dB) GSM/3G 65/53
GSM/3G 70/58
Gain adjustable range MGC≥30dB
Output power(dBm) ≥20
Pass band ripple GSM/3G 4dB/15dB
Guard band rejection GSM/3G (BW-60dB)≤42 MHz   (BW-70dB)≤45  MHz   / (BW-58dB)≤104MHz   (BW-70dB)≤107 MHz
I/O impedance 50V/N Connector
I/O return loss ≤-10dB
Noise igure ≤-8dB
Intermodulation attenuation (Po=13dBm)


Transmission Delay ≤0.5us
Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃
Power supply AC110~220V±10%  45~55Hz
SIze 232mm*180mm*23mm
Product weight 1.kg
Reliability To zhe GB6993-86 standard
Electromagnetic compatibility To zhe ETS300 694-4 standard

• Fully integrated Dual Band 900MHz and 3G antenna system
• Powerful amplifier enables up to + 85 dB of signal gain including cable loss
• Intelligent signal processing and real time adaptive operation
• Automatically adjusts power levels as needed to ensure a consistent coverage footprint
• Reprogrammable (in the field) enabling spectrum or carrier reconfigurations as needed
• Auto-Trac LED diagnostics displays aid install and operation
• Patented algorithms and adaptive processing ensure our products will not interfere with other wireless frequencies or radio devices
• Approved by CE
• 65dB GSM/3G Cellular Phone Signal Amplifier
• 13dB outdoor antenna
• 3dB indoor antenna
• Indoor Coaxial Cable-2m
• Outdoor Coaxial Cable-10m
• Mounting accessories
• AC power supply

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